About - Our Team

COO - Jason Park

There are a lot of great business ideas and what may seem like a great idea to one person... the next person simply will not understand.  We're all different and unique.  This is what makes life so great.  This is what makes us great.  

Opportunity knocks and you either let it in or you choose to wait for the next.

While we all have our differences... I truly believe that we also all have something in common.  I think that we are ALL entrepreneurs at heart.  

And following that analogy, I think that at the heart of every "Big Business", there was (and still is) a "Small Business" Entrepreneur who had the courage to try.  And then somewhere along the way, they simply succeeded.  

Jason Park is the CEO and Founder of Rethink And Diversify Securities Inc. (R&D) which is an Exempt Market Dealer registered to conduct business in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontairio.

www.venturemarket.ca is where entrepreneurial investors can view and actually invest in private capital opportunities approved by R&D - just like the dragons and sharks do.  Venture Market by R&D offers exempt market securities with a focus on proper portfolio diversification through private capital opportunities.  

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